The Talking Book

The Talking Book began as a studio only project between Bill Gould (Faith No More) and conceptual artist Jared Blum, of the SF based mid-fi sound collage label Gigante Sound. As they had worked together mixing and mastering several projects over the years, it seemed inevitable that they would eventually put their focus on something that would mark a true collaboration. This was realized with release of “The Talking Book” on Gould’s Koolarrow Records label in 2011.

The result brought something to listeners that was totally unexpected: Warbled tapes and dusty vinyl appeared in the cracks, lush drones collected and folded onto each other into a haze of harmony as deep bass pulses drove through the heart of it all. Melodies and blissful awakenings from guitar, organs, oscillators and voice slowly developed the vision of a faded photo, a scenic beauty in a state of decomposition, or in the words of UK/Fluid Radio journalist Nils Quak; “a sonic joyride par excellence.”

However, it was the impending release of the album along with several show offers that transformed “The Talking Book” from merely a recording concept into a full fledged live outfit, blending real visuals and human spontaneity with the rich textures and deep sonic fabric that characterized the album.

Needing another like- minded multi instrumentalist to round out the sound, the two didn’t have to look far; Gigante Sound label co-chair Dominic Cramp best known for his work as Borful and Lord Tang(s), Vulcanus 68 as well as a keyboardist of Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista was recruited to add his experience and unique tonal versatility, which allowed this new group to push the boundaries of live collage, dark abstract electro-acoustic and improvisation, accompanied by gorgeous video art by French videographer Roland Quelven.

Their unique exploration of both structured arrangements and non-harmonic sound promises to bring a music both informed and diverse, and stir up emotions in the listener long since buried, or previously unknown.