Moscow band USSSY was formed in 2007 by a guitarist Artem Galkin and guitarist Pavel Eremeev, originally with their own take of noise-rock with elements of blues, techno and black-metal. Through the years 2011 to 2017, through 6 albums and 2 European tours,  they managed to perfect a style that is completely unique to the band.  By the third album “Ud”, Pavel moved to drums, and they began their exploration into Eastern musical influences, facilitated by a specially modified baritone guitar, in which were mounted additional quarter-tone frets, as is common in the Middle East. Compositions of Usssy have drawn comparisons with Turkish psychedelic music of the 60’s and 70’s, during the heyday of the “hippie silk route” when locals first became exposed to Western rock music and incorporated it into their traditional framework. Through sheer work and discovery, guitarist Galkin developed and personalized a style and technique that invoked this great tradition.   Then in 2013, he left the band and and Pavel returned to guitar, assuming the reins with baritone guitar, and continuing down the road established through previous albums. Five years later, with the addition of drummer Sergey Bolotin, they have returned with “Voyage”.