Koolarrow announces “Elipse” by Chilean pioneers Como Asesinar a Felipes, available worldwide on October 6, 2017



For the past 10 years, Santiago’s CAF has stood out as unique among other Latin American artists: from it’s debut hiphop with orchestra, to it’s flirtations with synths and dark psychedelia, this band has consistently moved forward in the course it’s 5 releases, each one often a striking departure from the one before it. Entering into their next decade, they’ve decided to shake things up.

The new album, number six, “Elipse” will be no exception; recorded at Estudios Koolarrow in Oakland, California, and engineered/mixed by Bill Gould, CAF welcomes new member Gallardo on sax, twisting their earlier chemistry fearlessly into uncharted territory. And the piano is gone!  Plenty of old school vibe and feeling, with spot on improvisation, it plays as a continuous piece, divided into six parts. 

In July, Como Asesinar a Felipes will be marking off it’s 10 year anniversary with a string of shows (dates listed below), beginning with the Garden Music Fest in Quito and Rock al Parque in Bogota, in addition to 2 special shows in Santiago and Valparaiso: “CAF Has Amigos” is a one time, 10th year celebration,  with song’s from their entire discography (along with musical guests like Raimundo Santander, Jorge Campos, Billy Gould, Epicentro, and more…). 

More announcements will be coming soon, including first ever (!!!) European tour dates for this Fall!



June 30 Quito Garden Music Fest

July  02 Bogota Rock al Parque

July  07 Santiago CAF Mas Amigos, Teatro Cariola

July  08 Valparaiso CAF Mas Amigos, Ele Bar

July  28 Buenos Aires Palermo Club