Koolarrow Records http://koolarrow.com Bringing light and ears to a diverse range of music. Wed, 24 Aug 2016 19:48:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 WCAL “Listening Sessions” AUGUST 18/19 http://koolarrow.com/wcal-listening-sessions-august-1819/ http://koolarrow.com/wcal-listening-sessions-august-1819/#respond Fri, 05 Aug 2016 13:00:18 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/?p=3485 more »]]> OKAY, SO, HERE’S WHAT’S UP: We Care A Lot is coming out on August 19th..Normally when FNM releases an album there are tour dates…not only to promote the record but also because we like creating events…we are proud  to include amongst our ranks a strong, international group of fans, many who I know personally, and generally our shows provide not only a place to hear live music, but also a way for people to get together and have some fun.

While it’s been great to reconnect with this era of the band, we also realize that a tour with the WCAL lineup just ain’t gonna happen, so this is what we’re going to do: throw a party for our fans. Actually more than one. On the same day: August 18 (except for the Big Foot Lodge on the 19th, because they’re special..!). We’re going to play the album in it’s entirety at each place, the day before the release, so our friends can hear it first, and under “optimal conditions”.

We’re going to call them “Listening Sessions”. Admission will be free, and they will be held in bars that are “FNM family” friendly. That means that I’ve personally been involved in the selection process , and am down with the proprietors, they are fans as well, and this will all happen in the right spirit. It’s not the same as a live gig, but hopefully it will be a good way for many of you to get together, and along with our music, to have a little fun.

Below is a list of our confirmed “Listening Sessions”, but it’s highly likely that we will be adding more venues as we get closer to this date, so stay tuned either at fnm.com, koolarrow.com, or  Koolarrow  FB pages.

And PLEASE, if you find yourself going, send us photos, either at info@koolarrow.com or via the Koolarrow  FB page, and we will try to repost.


Okay, good talks…


AUG 18
NYC, NY     St.Vitus 
San Francisco, CA     GAMH (this will not be a free show)
Seattle, WA     Bar Solo
Valparaiso, CL     Capital Porteña
San Jose, CR     El 21 Rock Bar
Sao Paulo, BR     FFFront Bar
Paris, FR     Planete Mars
Sophia, BG     JJ Murphy’s Shipka
London, UK     Crobar
Glasgow, UK     Solid Rock Cafe
Melbourne, AU     Cherry Bar
Sydney, AU     Waywards
Ravenna, IT     Hana-Bi Beach Bar

AUG 19
Los Angeles, CA     Big Foot Lodge


]]> http://koolarrow.com/wcal-listening-sessions-august-1819/feed/ 0 June 2, 2016: FNM/KOOLARROW RE-ISSUES “WE CARE A LOT -DELUXE BAND EDITION”! ! http://koolarrow.com/june-2-2016-fnmkoolarrow-re-issues-we-care-a-lot-deluxe-band-edition/ http://koolarrow.com/june-2-2016-fnmkoolarrow-re-issues-we-care-a-lot-deluxe-band-edition/#respond Thu, 02 Jun 2016 14:00:21 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=3370 more »]]> Yes, you heard right. Koolarrow is proud to announce the release of Faith No More’s debut album, “WE CARE A LOT” worldwide on August 19, 2016. This is an album that has been out of print for over 20 years and we cannot overstate how excited we are.

It’s got it’s charm, no doubt about it; rough around the edges in all the good ways, and it still packs a punch! Truly a blast from the distant past. Still, within these early recordings, it’s possible to hear musical building blocks of a sound that continued to evolve over the next 30 years, into the band we know today.

Part of what makes this so cool is the fact that these tracks have remastered by Maor Appelbaum from the original 1/2″ mix reels. But we’re also including bonus tracks:  demo versions (taken from the original 8-track tapes) of “Greed,” “Mark Bowen,” “Arabian Disco” and “Intro,” live versions of “The Jungle” and “New Beginnings”, and we’ve pulled up 3 songs from the 2” multitrack reels (anyone remember those?) …and gave Matt Wallace a chance to mix them again in 2016. Roddy’s written some brilliant liner notes that sum up this period perfectly , and we’ve included behind the scenes photos in the studio during the original recording. This has been a total hands-on endeavor from the Faith No More members, and It’s about as personal an offering as we can imagine.

Big thanks go to Matt Wallace for helping us revisit this, Maor Applebaum for the care he took in the mastering, Tim Moss for keeping things organized, PIAS for their enthusiasm and support, and, most of importantly, all the guys in Faith No More who put their faith in Koolarrow, and made this another a solid band effort. It’s truly and honor to be involved in this.

“WE CARE A LOT – DELUXE BAND EDITION”  release date is August 19,  now available now for pre-order:

http://koolarrow.com/june-2-2016-fnmkoolarrow-re-issues-we-care-a-lot-deluxe-band-edition/feed/ 0
NOV 6, 2015: WORLDWIDE DEBUT of “FREE.MP3”! ! http://koolarrow.com/friday-nov-6-worldwide-debut-of-free-mp3/ http://koolarrow.com/friday-nov-6-worldwide-debut-of-free-mp3/#respond Fri, 06 Nov 2015 09:00:27 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=3122 more »]]> I don’t know how these guys do it, but somehow between the endless touring Dubioza Kolektiv keeps writing, recording…creating. And today present their latest offering“Free.mp3” (also known as the “Pirate Bay Song”)…along with a video that is about as bold as you can get!!


This track will be part of their upcoming album, “Happy Machine”, scheduled for Feb. 5, 2016. More kindred spirits in the music world have jumped on board, with guest appearances by Manu Chao, canadian pharmacy narcotics Benji Webb from Skindred, Punjabi singer BEE2, Catalan ska-rumba band La Pegatina and trumpet player Dzambo Agusev from Macedonia. Songs are in English, Spanish and Punjabi. Having heard it, all I can say this damned thing is STRONG.

Meanwhile, remember to check our tour dates section, they will be all over Europe and the UK through December 2015…and coming to the States in 2016!


Nov 05 La Bifurk Grenoble, France
Nov 06 EL MEDIATOR Perpignan, France
Nov 07 LE CAFEMUSIC’ Mont De Marsan, France
Nov 10 Les 4Ecluses Dunkerque, France
Nov 12 PENA FESTAYRE Paris, France
Nov 13 La Naute Champagnat, France
Nov 14 Le GUEULARD Plus Nilvange, France
Nov 19 Colston Hall Bristol, United Kingdom
Nov 20 100 Club London, United Kingdom
Nov 21 100 Club London, United Kingdom
Nov 22 Duke Of Cumberland Kent, United Kingdom
Nov 23 Norwich Arts Centre Norwich, United Kingdom
Nov 25 Rebellion Manchester, United Kingdom
Nov 26 De Centrale Ghent, Belgium
Nov 27 Café Congo Kortrijk, Belgium
Nov 28 Antitapas Night Bruxelles, Belgium
Nov 29 Melkweg Oude Zaal Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dec 08 Palác Akropolis Prague, Czech Republic
Dec 17 Posten Odense C, Denmark
Dec 18 Loppen, Christiania København K, Denmark
Dec 19 Doomnight Club Linkoping, Sweden

http://koolarrow.com/friday-nov-6-worldwide-debut-of-free-mp3/feed/ 0
COMO ASESINAR A FELIPES to join FAITH NO MORE ON TOUR IN S. AMERICA!! http://koolarrow.com/como-asesinar-a-felipes-to-join-faith-no-more-on-tour-in-s-america/ http://koolarrow.com/como-asesinar-a-felipes-to-join-faith-no-more-on-tour-in-s-america/#respond Mon, 21 Sep 2015 15:27:24 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=3080 Yes, you read that right:

Sept. 20 Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park
Sept. 24 Sao Paulo, Brazil Espaco Das Americas
Sept. 27 Santiago, Chile Santiago Gets Louder

On behalf of CAF and Koolarrow, we’d like to shout out a BIG thanks to the members Faith No More for throwing behind their support!

http://koolarrow.com/como-asesinar-a-felipes-to-join-faith-no-more-on-tour-in-s-america/feed/ 0
FREE TRACK GIVEAWAY! http://koolarrow.com/oct-20-2014-free-track-giveaway/ http://koolarrow.com/oct-20-2014-free-track-giveaway/#respond Tue, 21 Oct 2014 04:18:58 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=2998 Ladies and Gentlemen, the new CAF “V” is coming and we are giving away a free track for your enjoyment. This will be available on vinyl and digital only on November 28!

To get your copy of the track, click on this link: http://www.koolarrow.com/v/

http://koolarrow.com/oct-20-2014-free-track-giveaway/feed/ 0
New CAF “V” album coming Nov. 28 !! http://koolarrow.com/new-caf-v-album-coming-nov-28/ http://koolarrow.com/new-caf-v-album-coming-nov-28/#respond Sun, 12 Oct 2014 17:09:22 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=2977 more »]]> Koolarrow Records is proud to announce a very special release: COMO ASESINAR A FELIPES new EP “V”. This five song album was recorded at Estudios Koolarrow in Oakland, between off-day during CAF’s groundbreaking US tour earlier this year. All tracks were performed live in the studio with only minimal overdubbing…It’s bigger, fatter, darker than ever—so much so that we’ve decided to do something special with this one. It will only be available digitally or as a VERY LIMITED EDITION VINYL via the Koolarrow online store (and take my word for it, the vinyl does is justice).An instant classic.



http://koolarrow.com/new-caf-v-album-coming-nov-28/feed/ 0
Mexican Dubwiser “Electric City”: International Show Dates and new Release Info http://koolarrow.com/mexican-dubwiser-electric-city-international-show-dates-and-new-release-info/ http://koolarrow.com/mexican-dubwiser-electric-city-international-show-dates-and-new-release-info/#respond Fri, 04 Apr 2014 02:35:15 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=2887 more »]]> April 29, 2014 marks the official release date of the new Mexican Dubwiser cd “Electric City”…we’ve got sound files posted on the release page, a video in the works, and some killer show dates scheduled.

For the SF Bay Area, we have 2 dj sets on April 26, a televised show the next day at 2pm at the corner of Temple & Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles (with full band) , then BACK to SF that same night (!!!) to play a dj set at the Elbo Room at 11pm.

Marcelo also makes it to Europe for the first time, playing Glastonbury in the UK, with dates in France and Spain (pending confirmation) and more shows to be booked!


[More shows to be confirmed]

April 26 Fairfax, CA@ Peri’s Bar, Outside Garden. 3pm
April 26 Oakland, CA @ El Super Ritmo. 10pm
April 27 Los Angeles, CA @ Fiesta Broadway. Main Stage. 2pm
April 27 San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room for DUB MISSION. 10pm
May 4 Valle de Bravo, Mx. ECO MUSIC FEST
May 17. Mexico, DF. Festival Marvin w/Band of Bitches
May 28 LA, CA. PREMIOS LOS ANGELES. (nom. KING OF LOS ANGELES/Best of the Underground))
June 13. Mexico, DF. with Los Wookies
June 21 England. Fiesta de la Musica with Los Wookies & Troker
June 25 England. Pre-Glastonbury FEST Party
June 27 England. Glastonbury FEST (the COMMON stage)
June 29 England. Glastonbury FEST (the COMMON stage)
July 1-13 Spain & France with Los Wookies (venues and exact dates to be announced soon)
July 27 Mexico, DF. DJ Set with Los Wookies
Agst 16 New York, NY FULL BAND Street Festival


View our videos on YouTube Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook
http://koolarrow.com/mexican-dubwiser-electric-city-international-show-dates-and-new-release-info/feed/ 0
CAF ANNOUNCES SXSW, CALIFORNIA TOURDATES!! http://koolarrow.com/caf-announces-sxsw-california-tourdates/ http://koolarrow.com/caf-announces-sxsw-california-tourdates/#respond Sat, 22 Feb 2014 19:19:51 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=2829 more »]]> COMO ASESINAR A FELIPES comes to the US for the first time, including 3 performances at Austin’s SXSW Festival, in addition to 4 California Dates.

In San Francisco, they will be playing at The Independent with Chilean friend and co-collaborator ANA TIJOUX and KUMBIA QUEERS. The second show will be held at SF’s SubMission Gallery, along with RAUL Y MEXIA, DJ KOOL KYLE, REPORTE ILEGAL and Koolarrow’s very own MEXICAN DUBWISER, who will be introducing his new release “Electric City”. We’re keeping the door cover down to a low $5…a great bill and a total party.

The Blue Monkey in Los Angeles promises to be a very special event, as not only will it mark CAF’s debut, but will also be the official kickoff celebration for the new MEXICAN DUBWISER album “ELECTRIC CITY”, hosted my MR Dubwiser himself MARCELO with a ton of special guests. In other words, ANOTHER BLOW-OUT!! 🙂 From there the band heads to Fresno, with Dubwiser in tow, thanks to the invitation of Mexico’s ENJAMBRE.


http://koolarrow.com/caf-announces-sxsw-california-tourdates/feed/ 0
Jan 06, 2013 http://koolarrow.com/jan-06-2013/ http://koolarrow.com/jan-06-2013/#respond Tue, 07 Jan 2014 04:31:14 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=2821 more »]]> For all of you falling KA, you probably know already that last year was an intense one for our artists on many levels: La Plebe’s European shows with Talco, Kultur Shock’s two EU tours, Talking Book in South America (including a killer show with CAF in Buenos Aires), Mexican Dubwiser’s US debut, Dubioza Kolektiv absolutely blowing up at home, finishing the year in a hometown Sarajevo concert that was nothing less than a milestone.

Which brings us to 2014, and I’m happy to say that it’s great to see our bands moving onwards and upwards. Lots of recording: Dubioza Kolektiv, Talking Book, Mexican Dubwiser, Como Asesinar a Felipes, there’s talk of another House of Hayduk…Kultur Shock never stops…and some really interesting developments: CAF backing Mexican Dubwiser, La Plebe collaborating with Dubioza…

In case you haven’t realized by now, Koolarrow is a community as much as a label. We are modern people who celebrate our differences with respect, we cross artificial boundaries, and we make some fucking great music. This is what we will continue to do, THANK YOU for listening to us, supporting us, thinking outside of so called “industry channels” and bring some humanity to our musical culture.

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TALKING BOOK SOUTH AMERICAN TOUR NEWS http://koolarrow.com/talking-book-south-american-tour-news/ http://koolarrow.com/talking-book-south-american-tour-news/#respond Fri, 28 Jun 2013 04:33:34 +0000 http://koolarrow.com/site/?p=2807 Dates are confirmed, countdown begins!

JUL 26 SANTIAGO, CL KMSU (w/Chuck Mosley!)
JUL 27 VALPARAISO, CL El Huevo (w/Chuck Mosley!)
JUL 31 BUENOS AIRES, ARG Roxie Live (w/Como Asesinar a Felipes!)
AUG 01 SAO PAULO, BR SESC Belenzinho

http://koolarrow.com/talking-book-south-american-tour-news/feed/ 0