Kultura Diktatura

In 2004 Kultur Shock released Kultura Dictatura. It won a lot of critical fans (Compared by many with the Pogues and Frank Zappa to the System Of A Down), while at the same time them even more difficult to categorize, thus getting them rejected from both the “Rock” and “World” sections in record stories.

“Listening to albums shouldn’t require too much hard work–but Kultura Dikatatura is an album that rewards perseverance. Because, to start with, it’s seriously fucking weird. It’s System of a Down finally consumed by their folkisms, it’s a Romany campfilre gathering where gypsies turn amps up to 11. It’s six languages spilling over rock, hip-hop, samba, balladry and punk. But most of all, it will rock your world.” – KERRANG!