Otomatic Attak

Since their last release “Seize the Time”, Flattbush have spent relentless hours, weeks, and months honing their skills and writing with “Otomatik Attak”, and the effort has paid off in spades. Somehow, they have managed to up the ante even further, and the result is nothing short of total assault…BUT WITH HOOKS! Yes, the guitars rain down like quillotines, over a battery of highly toxic blastbeats, but any comparison to your typical extreme metal band would be superficial at best. And it all works. There are no compromises taken, in medium or message…not merely an artistic statement, but a textbook study of total commitment to one’s art.

In the end, it’s still classic Flattbush, and that’s probably the best way to describe it. Classic but better. All in all, this album brings bears a strange resemblance to metal, punk, and noise. This is definitely not for everyone, a message as uncompromising as this is sure to provoke reaction, but kudos for them to have the balls to say it and stand by it. But the bottom line is: if you think you’ve heard it all before, “Otomatik Attak!” will prove you wrong. And if you are already a Flattbush fan, this one will make you proud.

“This band from Bellflower singlehandedly takes on not only the puppet government of the Philippines, but all the Pinoy lite pop singers and Uncle Tom dance crews with it’s mature brand of brutal, intense, and melodic thrash metal. The average hesher may not get the harsh Tagalog lyrics or Marxist leanings to songs like “Pigs, Pigs, Pigs”, “Fascist Terror”, and “Dear Uncle Sam (aka “Fuck You Uncle Sam”)”, but the booming blast beats and speedmetal hooks are undeniable. Bang your head and the masses will follow”. – GIANT ROBOT MAGAZINE