Wild Wild East

Damn. Remember when hip hop was a real threat? When it stood up for social, personal and political justice and freedom? I’m not a huge hip hop fan by any means, but Dubioza Kolektiv with their rock and roll, reggae, funk and traditional Eastern European melodies and folk music infused old school hip hop have just made hip hop a real musical threat and force to be reckoned with again. Imagine Sly And The Family Stone jamming with the Urban Dance Squad, the Bad Brains, Senser and Blaggers ITA, and you’ll sort of get where these guys coming from, then hold on to that image, imagine how good that sounds, multiply it by a factor of ten and you’ll sort of be halfway to how good ‘Wild Wild East’ actually is. I swear, the last time hip hop had this kind of impact on me was the first time I heard Public Enemy back in the eighties. Yeah, the Dubioza Kolektiv really are that good. Damn… Just…Damn…

Mass Movement