Compilations: Spanglish 101

English still dominates world culture, but there are scenes growing all over the world, with their own agendas. The musicians from these scenes are playing their own music on their own terms and in their own languages; contemporary music in their own context. You might hear songs in English when you turn on the radio now, but if these bands have their way, the world will be speaking their language. Koolarrow and I want to contribute to this evolutionary process by bringing you up to date with the latest fusion of spoken communication and culture. Using music as our teaching format, we present you with some of the world’s brightest professors from this new school of change. The class we offer is Spanglish 101!

Without Hate,
Juan Brujo, Brujeria

01. Chupacabras – Lil’ Rudy G.
02. U R Gay – Peyote Asesino
03. Control Machete – Justo N
04. Ojos De Mujeres – Sin Almas
05. Generation Mex – Chicle Atomico
06. Announcing Predictions – Born Again
07. Cunado – Banana Hammock
08. Marcha De Odio – Brujeria
09. Scream – Fractura
10. Tribe Is My Pride (cylone mix) – Tezacrifico
11. Don Quijote Marijuana – Brujeria
12. Montate – Puya
13. Clicka 13 – La Flor de Lingo
14. La Gente Que Puso La Sangre Todos Tus Muertos
15. Buah! – 7Notas 7Colores
16. Jump The River Beaner – Resorte
17. Lyrical Drive-By – Aztlan Underground


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