Don Cikuta

A quarter of a century after its appearance on the face of the music scene, it often feels like Punk Rock has turned into the cliche that has lost it’s spark; the chords are correct, the songs are there…but where can one find the heart??

For this we need to travel to the small pueblo of Tavernes de Valligna, which exists in the country of La Safor, in Valencia, Spain. That is the home of Don Cikuta, a three piece band of misfits who have been dedicating their lives to setting the world on fire with equal parts of melody and nastiness.

Though from a small town, however, they see things from a broad view. To date, they have toured the US three times and Mexico four; in fact, it was in reaction to the economic disparities in the “New World” (they’re from Spain, remember!?)that inspired them to compose with a rage and conscience that dares to defy these inequalities. Likewise, through the friendships they made while touring, they realized that punk, like the lust for life, was not only NOT dead, but that it was more vital than ever..And in fact, Don Cikuta doesn’t forget it’s early upbringing; they live hard, party harder, and have a blast doing it.