Estupido pero Feliz

Their first US release, entitled Estupido Pero Feliz (Stupid but Happy) is a collection of 23 tracks of pure punk rock.The topics rail against everything and all, including animal torture (i.e. bullfights!!), Fascism, boring routine, and a long list of other monsters that must be destroyed.

With artwork by Danny Sites (NOFX, RKL, Fat Wreckchords), the album includes guest appearances by Dave Raum (drummer for Lagwagon, RKL, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes), Billy Gould (ex-Faith No More bassist), horns on the track “Bla Bla Bla” by the Basque group Skunk, and a collaboration with Evaristo of the (in)famous Spanish band La Polla. The album was recorded in Room 5 Studios in San Francisco, and was produced by Billy Gould, and engineered Mark Pistel. Mixing and mastering were done by Angel Katarain, in Pais Vasco.