Düreforsög, which translated into English means “animal testing”, were Danish trailblazers, culling their vast, diverse range of influences (Residents, This Heat, Melt Banana) and honing them into their own unique sound, and, while young, goes back to 1993, the year when the original members met.

Produced by Peter Peter with Goodiepal, their first Kool Arrow release Exporing Beauty featured alongside the band’s original recordings, a collaboration with Bjørn Svin . Exploring Beauty came out in the spring, and compared to their Danish debut album ‘Knee’, more emphasis was placed on melody rather than rhythm; each idea on the album was treated with depth without losing any intensity. What was created was a more varied and dynamic sound. Yet, it would be very difficult to put an accurate description of the music in words-check our MP3 section to get a better idea. During this time, and together with Goodiepal they contributed a track to the soundtrack to the film ‘Bleeder’.

After their rhythmically berserk debut Knee (1997), and the more melodically varied Exploring Beauty (2001), Düreforsög moved into a more abstract and open scale with “Engine Machine” (2002). Produced by the band themselves and mixed by Billy Gould and Flemming Rasmussen, the album is presented more as a series of sequences rather than as traditional fixed compositions, with a number of themes running throughout the entirety of the album ensuring that the overall structure is kept intact.

Now no longer serving as an active group, they neverless can claim an indelible mark on the Danish music scene.