Exploring Beauty

Produced by Peter Peter with Goodiepal, their first Kool Arrow release Exporing Beauty featured alongside the band’s original recordings, a collaboration with Bjørn Svin . Exploring Beauty came out in the spring, and compared to their Danish debut album ‘Knee’, more emphasis was placed on melody rather than rhythm; each idea on the album was treated with depth without losing any intensity. What was created was a more varied and dynamic sound. Yet, it would be very difficult to put an accurate description of the music in words-check our MP3 section to get a better idea.

“Pigeonholing Düreforsög (Danish for animal testing apperently) is not what you would call the easiest of task’s. Save to say if the Fall and Syd Barret decided to jam along with the Flamming lips in a Morrocan slave market under the drug addled direction of David Lynch it’ll probably sound not entirely dissimilar to Exploring Beauty. Quirky slices of soundtracks to imaginery movies coalesce schizoid slices of discomforting art-core craftmanship, casual blurts of searing dynamism creep up on your sedated lobes carrying bloody great knives and the end result is nothing short of a mind altering sonic vivisection. Occasionally as genuinely horizon broadning as the first artistic flush of the ever influential Pixies, Exploring Beauty could similary prove to be the progenitory sound of the future.” – Ian Fortnam, KERRANG!