Brazo en Brazo

“Brazo en Brazo” is the long awaited, and much anticipated follow up release to their last full length album “Hasta la Muerte!” (2008). Once again produced by long time supporter and friend Billy Gould of Faith No More, It would be very fair to call this a definitive work; an album from a band with several years of touring under it’s belt, and at the peak of it’s creative power. Songs are performed with more confidence than ever, the singing heartful and truly part of the music. Tracks like Mariachi-influenced “Siempre Unidos (trans: Forever United)” and “Venas Abiertas (Open Veins)” find the band exploring their roots more deeply than ever, and pulling it off with authenticity. And this time around, La Plebe pull no punches with their politics either, with songs like “Jaulas (Cages)”, “Guerra Sucia (Dirty War)” and “Soledad (Lonliness)” sung with a passion and rage that can only come from first hand experience. Yet, it’s the obvious thread of hope and humanity that runs through the entire album, that sets them apart from many of their angry peers.