La Plebe

Emanating from the pubs, cantinas, and concert halls of San Francisco California, a bilingual punk quintet known as La Plebe, has kept busy for over nine years now—playing shows relentlessly throughout Mexico, the United States, and Europe (including four tours of the Balkans). With an honest and energetic live show that is often stained by blood, sweat, and many an onstage beer, members of La Plebe speak from experience, proudly reflecting upon memories of swollen lips, bruised arms, the occasional vomit, maybe a tear or two, and even sometimes, a captivating toe-tapper or sing along song to boot….

Augmenting the time-honored punk trio of guitar, bass and drums, La Plebe bump things up a few notches with the musical punch of a two piece horn section, adding power blasts and melody in equal amounts. Drawing upon their Latino roots but with a broad world view, the band’s music is as multi-lingual as it is musically diverse—tinged with a traditional ranchero sentiment, based in old school punk rock, with a little old world chutzpah, La Plebe is unique and uncompromising, and one of San Francisco’s most popular bands.