ELIPSE coincides with two major events – CAF’s tenth anniversary and the departure of their longtime keyboardist. With his exit came the addition of renowned South American saxophonist Cristián Gallardo “While it is a CAF album, we were heavily influenced by the addition of Cristián. We are always researching, progressing, and Cristián came with a musical contribution that worked perfectly.” The addition of the saxophone creates brings a dark, liquid element to the release.

What is unique about the six-track album is that it’s one piece of music divided up into six songs. “The album is one long song, recorded as a continuous piece with no overdubs. One part is inspired by Bach´s “Crab Canon,” an arrangement of two musical lines that are complementary, going forwards and backwards, similar to a palindrome. This represents the infinite, like the Möbius strip; there is something we like about this theme of continuation. It represents the circle of life, like life itself, nothing is perfect– the circle is more of an ellipse.”

ELIPSE is broken down into three parts:

Interior (Part I & II): Birth, Energy, Nature

Medio: Learn, Recognize, Discover.

Exterior (Part I, II, & III): Machinery, Infinity, Desert