Fucc The I.N.S. is Kultur Shock’s self-recorded, debut release on Koolarrow. This album, with this title, came out in September 2001 (talking about coincidence!!!!) and got a solid thrashing by some of our more patriotic critics. Some went as far as breaking the disks in half and sending it back to the label. Ohers actually liked it. This marks the beginning of a more guitar based direction for Kultur Shock, and signifies a time when they first began to venture out of their base of Seattle into the broader world.

“Given their moniker, I should have expected something jarring from Kultur Shock, but nothing could have prepared me for the insanity that poured forth from my speakers. These eleven tracks are a schizophrenic bum rush of hardcore punk and Balkan folk music that is both exhilarating and terrifying in its intensity. If you can’t imagine what this mix is like, envision a horde of gypsies running rampant while listening to Iron Maiden, and you’ll be close. Kultur Shock’s cadre of musical insurrectionists (I believe there are eight of them) does to central European folk traditions what the Pogues did to Irish music: they beat the hell out of it until it screams for more.” – SPLENDID