We Came to Take Your Jobs Away

Seattle’s adopted stepchildren Kultur Shock return true to form with their fourth release “We Have Come To Take Your Jobs”, once again characterized by their perverted version of Balkan folk music: driven by heavy guitars, relentless rhythms, searing violins and sometimes irreverent, always impressionable vocals. In the words of singer Gino Yevdjevich:

“After ten years, we’re naming our new album what we should have named our first one. It took us ten years to mature so that we could enjoy who we are and what we are doing, to realize that we don’t have anything to lose if we offend, and to learn to just do what we are doing without feeling like we have to apologize for it. This recording is, so far, the closest to KS’s live sound. What you see is what you get.. The second revelation, the thing that bleeds through out the whole album is that we are a live band of blue-collar immigrants. It’s not that sexy (doesn’t get you laid), but it was important for KS to realize that and start enjoying being ourselves, belonging nowhere, having been ripped from our old worlds and never becoming a part of the new one…but loving every second of it….”